Who we are

ROIG Inversiones is the result of ten years of effort. It's s very personal project, inspired and dedicated to Mrs Montserrat Roig,  with her stamp and her values. We address the most vulnerable sectors of society, giving space and value to social projects focused on the most disadvantaged, based on four great values:

  • Social exclusion

  • Defend the fight against inequality

  • Promote equity

  • Sustainability

Executive Team

Marc Ciria Roig

Founder & CEO

Financial Advisor

Founding partner and Managing Director

at Diagonal Inversiones,

A.V. Founding partner at Triple-A Capital

Experience in independent management and

Financial-Tax advice for clients, professionals and

institutions, with high financial assets. 

Expert in Financial-Tax Advice for Private Banking

and Business clients. 

Ability to lead teams and responsibility to

respond to the demands of the current financial market.